Best Travel Bag for Women

Best Travel Bag for Women

I’m super excited to share this new travel bag of mine with you! If you’ve read my previous travel posts, you know I love a good backpack when I’m on-the-go. I need my hands free! The only problem is, I always have to pack an extra handbag because sometimes I don’t feel like a backpack goes with my outfit. I also tend to get weird looks when I walk into a store with a backpack on because security always thinks I’m there to steal something. LOL. So, when I found out Samsonite had a bag that was convertible, I got so excited. Their Encompass Womens Convertible Hobo Backpack is everything I’ve ever wanted in a travel bag!

I’ve been a loyal Samsonite customer ever since I can remember. Every piece of luggage I own is Samsonite branded & I don’t plan on switching anytime soon! So, when I came across their line of stylish bags and backpacks, I really wanted to try one out. Nothing compares to a Samsonite bag. They think of features that you will just never get in an ordinary bag. Below are reasons why I’m calling this bag the best travel bag for women!

Samsonite gifted me this bag to give my honest and personal opinion to you.

First off, it’s a backpack!

I’m not a huge fan of traditional purses or handbags when I travel because they hurt my shoulders. I carry a lot of stuff in my bag, you guys. I’m an Event Planner. I always need to be prepared!

But… it’s also a handbag!

You can go from daytime trips to nighttime events in a matter of seconds. Just adjust the straps to your desired length and voila! You have a cute hobo-style bag that you can wear on your shoulder.

It can withstand rainy weather

Having a husband who’s from England means I need a travel bag that can get wet. It’s always raining in the UK! This fabric does the trick. It is also super lightweight.

There’s a pocket for everything

The easy-access zipper pocket on the front is the exact size of a boarding pass, so I can place my boarding pass in here and pull it out whenever I need to get through security and board the plane. I usually keep my driver’s license in this pocket as well while I’m walking through the airport.

There’s also a pocket on the backside of this bag where I store my passport and other important documents that I want to protect. No-one can get into this part of your bag when it’s on your back! It’s also a perfect place to store a small tablet if you have one. Not only are the pockets super useful, but they’re also RFID blocking, so no-one can steal your identity.

In the main compartment, there are also two slots for cell phones as well as a cosmetic zipper pocket.

It has a built-in luggage loop!

I think this honestly is my favorite feature. Inside the secret back pocket is a luggage loop, so you can set the bag on top of your luggage! You don’t even have to carry it through the airport. They think of everything!

It fits my 13″ laptop

I take my MacBook with me everywhere, so my main concern is having a bag that will carry it. My laptop fits perfectly inside and I can still zip it shut.

I’ll never lose my keys again

No more looking for my keys at the bottom of my bag. There’s a special key ring that attaches to the inside, so my keys never get lost!

To read more about this bag & purchase it, head to and search “Item 1207831041” or “Encompass Womens Convertible Hobo Backpack”.

As always, let me know if you have any questions & I love to hear your thoughts!

– Angela xx

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