My Skin Care Routine: Bye, Bye Adult Acne!

My Skin Care Routine: Bye, Bye Adult Acne!

I’ve received quite a few messages lately about my skin care routine. This is actually a subject that I’m really passionate about because I struggled with my skin for years! As a teenager, I never had a problem with acne, but as soon as my college years hit, I couldn’t escape it. Every week, I would get a new spot on my cheek or my chin and they always left marks. It took me almost seven years to figure out what worked best for my skin. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on face products, so I tried every drug-store brand you could think of. Along the way, I developed acne scars and a huge insecurity of being in my bare skin. I never wanted to leave the house without make-up on. Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t put a price on healthy skin or confidence, so I decided to test out Dermalogica. I’ve been using their products for almost a year, and honestly, I refuse to buy any other product now.

For the first time in seven years, I can now comfortably walk out of my house without makeup on and it’s the most amazing feeling! In hopes of saving you time, money and scarring I’m going to list the skin care routine that has worked for me to combat adult acne and take control of my skin!

BTW – I am in no way sponsored by Dermalogica, I’m just a huge advocate for their products! This skin care routine may not be suited for your skin, but I wanted to give you an insight into what works for me. I’ve had all of these products recommended to me by a Dermalogica professional.

Daily Skin Routine

  1. Special Cleansing GelI start every day with cleansing my skin. The reason I use the special cleansing gel and not an acne product is because I don’t want my skin to dry out. I’ve been able to control my skin enough to where I can use some products for normal skin, which is preferable because it’s not always good to use ALL acne products all the time.
  2. Multi-Active TonerA light spritz over my entire face to help rehydrate and refreshen my skin to get ready for moisture absorbtion.
  3. PowerBright TRx C-12 Pure Bright Serum: I use a small amount of this serum every day, twice a day, to help with my acne scarring and discoloration. It helps to brighten your skin and even your skin tone. It’s really pricey, but I’ve honestly seen a huge difference in my acne scars. You only have to use it on the spots where your skin needs help. It’s meant to help with sun spots as well.
  4. Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50: This is the most important step to my skin care! I apply SPF all over my face and neck to protect my skin from the sun. There’s different SPF moisturizers, but I chose this one because it’s not greasy and it goes on really lightly.
  5. Lip Renewal Complex: This isn’t necessary, but I love the way this feels on my lips and it definitely helps repair my lips from the dry aftermath of the sun.

Nightly Skin Routine

  1. Special Cleansing GelThis cleansing gel (the same as I use in the morning) is so good, I don’t even need make-up remover to take off my make-up. This is the #1 reason why I love this product!
  2. Daily Microfoliant: I don’t use this every day unless I’m wearing heavy make-up. I recommend exfoliating every other day with this product. It’s such a nice exfoliator and makes your skin feel super clean!
  3. Multi-Active TonerA light spritz over my entire face again (just like the morning).
  4. PowerBright TRx C-12 Pure Bright Serum: Small amount on my acne scars (same as morning).
  5. Overnight Clearing Gel: THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. Since I’ve used Dermalogica products, I only get the occasional breakout once or twice a month, but when I do… this stops it in its tracks! I’m not kidding you guys. When I see acne forming, I put this on the area and it starts healing before it even forms. I love this product!
  6. Skin Smoothing Cream: This is a thicker moisturizer than some of the other Dermalogica moisturizers. I prefer it because my skin tends to get really dry from being in the sun. I use this at night to give my face rich hydration while I’m sleeping.
  7. Age Smart Reversal Eye Complex: I apply this under my eyes before bed to refresh dark spots and help with fine lines.
  8. Lip Renewal Complex: Same as the morning, I apply this at night to help with dry lips.

Twice a Week

  1. Sebum Clearing Masque: This is an incredible face mask that I use twice a weak to prevent breakouts. I love that it’s not harsh on my skin and it feels amazing! It’s also easy to wash off, which I love.

I know all of these products can be overwhelming and they’re not cheap, so I’d recommend purchasing a trial kit if you don’t want to jump right in! That’s how I started trusting their products. Plus, they are all travel sizes, so they’re super useful for traveling if you decide to upgrade to full sizes later. Below are the kits I recommend – I’ve tried both, which is how I learned to combine the two!

Starter Kits

If you have Normal/Oily Skin:

If you have Acne Prone Skin:

TIP: I buy all my Dermalogica products from Ulta because they usually always come with free gifts. In fact, I’ve never NOT received a free gift. All of my products on this post are linked directly to their site to make it easy!

I hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions if you have any! I’m always happy to answer them if I can. I’d also love to hear how you like these products if you give them a try!

Angela xx



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