Tackling Melasma: My Cosmelan Experience

Melasma: if you have it, you know the struggle. I first started noticing dark spots on my face when I was twenty-seven years old. I had one little dark spot under my right eye & thought “oh, aging”… it happens to the best of us! However, a year later, the one dark spot turned into a face full of dark patches. I didn’t know it was called Melasma at the time, I just knew my face was covered in discoloration and my self-esteem really took a hit. I was no longer comfortable make-up free and I was truly afraid that I would never have clear skin again.

In an effort to figure this out one day, I googled “how to get rid of hyperpigmentation” and came across a blog post that absolutely blew my mind. It was this one to be specific: How I Got Rid Of My Melasma. I had no idea that what I had was called Melasma, but this blog post detailed exactly what I was experiencing. A few clicks later, I landed on the Instagram page of Dr. Zoe at Perfect Face La Jolla. I messaged her immediately and asked her if we could chat. We set up a virtual consultation and the rest is history. Well, actually, I documented it!

Spoiler alert! Here’s my before and after:

Over our virtual consult, we decided that Cosmelan was going to be the best treatment for my skin. It’s the most time consuming and invasive treatment for Melasma, spanning 90 days in total, but it also has the biggest payoff. I was willing to do whatever I needed to do to bring my clear skin back!

My Cosmelan Journey

In the video below, you’ll see my journey through the first month of my Cosmelan treatment. The first month is where all the change happens! It’s a lot of maintenance, a little pain and a whole lot of reward!

After Treatment

The big question I’ve been getting is: does the Melasma come back after treatment? The simple answer is: it could. Melasma is such a tricky condition to treat and it can be chronic depending on what’s causing it.

For me, my Melasma has started to return, but not completely. In an effort to keep it at bay, I’m continuing to work with Dr. Zoe on “maintenance”. We’re working on a skincare routine to keep it in check! I’ll be sure to share that with you as we go. For some of us, this may be a long battle! But, it’s something I’m willing to do for clear skin – and if anyone can help you combat it – it’s Dr. Zoe!

You can book a virtual consult with her here!


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